Does Living Under Grace Mean We Don’t Need the Old Testament?

Does Living Under Grace Mean We Don’t Need the Old Testament?

Check out the podcast: Are We Under Grace or the Law?

Well, that’s a great question and one that came up just last week for me.

Last week, a now-former fan of mine, posted on one of my social media accounts with the intent of “calling me out” I suppose about an article I posted.

The article referenced the Old Testament book of Amos and its relation to Christian Nationalism. Now, I don’t post very many political articles or references at all however, this particular article was written by a respected theology professor, and the article was located on a Hebrew research website so I thought it had some pretty decent points.

I also just happen to be teaching two Old Testament courses at the moment and had just read the book of Amos and noticed the correlation myself and found the argument interesting.

The Drama of the Internet

This article I posted, however, made one fan very upset and she said a number of things to me but two things stuck out:

#1 “We are under grace not the law!”

#2 “I should have unfriended you when you posted the last article by Beth Moore!”

I addressed the first point in a podcast posted today, you can find it here: Are We Under Grace or the Law?

I will address that point a bit more in this article as well but first I’ll hit on the second point in regards to Beth Moore-let me just say I’m old enough to remember the boycott Disney days of the Southern Baptists and that comment gave me PTSD.

I have Southern Baptist roots and have no problem with my SBC friends but I myself, am not Southern Baptist and have not been since I was 17 years old.

I also have zero problems with Beth Moore and I admire her courage.

We must all compare what has been taught, or is being told with the actual Word of God. Period. No exceptions.

And, all church leaders, pastors, presidents, etc. are flawed human beings-just because they say something does not make it so-we have the Holy Spirit and discernment ourselves and we also have the right to apply them to our own lives.

Also, that comment is exactly why people don’t go to church.

If we are going to call ourselves Christians, we should act like it both online and in-person, and posting comments like that about me or even about Beth Moore is just not ok. Just think about it from her perspective for a moment. My goodness.

Moving on…

Are we living under the law or under grace?

Well, first of all, the article I mentioned referenced Amos which is not the law.

The law was given to the Israelites at Mt. Sinai and it was actually given through the grace of God meaning, God had just redeemed his people from the bondage of the Egyptians. He had just broken the chains of bondage and he did that with his grace operating through Moses.

Then, God, trying to teach his people how to live holy lives (and even stay safe in the wilderness) gave his people laws. Now, those laws can be broken down into three groups, ceremonial law, moral law, and civil law.

We do actually still follow moral law-remember the Ten Commandments?

Ceremonial and civil law evolved through time as the people did and then Jesus came and “fulfilled the law” but what does that even mean? Well, through the law, a sacrifice was needed for sin. And, that means every single sin.

The process of providing a sacrifice was a daunting ordeal. The whole thing was an ordeal. But, Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins-all of those ceremonial and civil laws have been fulfilled.

But, the law only makes up a small portion of the Old Testament and again, the book of Amos is not part of the law. So that statement above doesn’t really work with what I was posting.

However, it does bring up a good point-

Do we even need the Old Testament at all? 

Well, most of us have just been taught wrong, we were taught the New Testament much more than we were taught the Old Testament and, when we were taught the Old Testament, it was mostly through cartoonish stories.

The problem is, if you only read the New Testament, you’re jumping into the middle of the story and missing the whole beginning!

We understand why Jesus came and who Jesus is from the Old Testament-it is the beginning of the redemption story and Jesus comes to complete the story by pouring out God’s grace on all of us.

Further, it is through the Old Testament that we understand the redemption that Jesus brought to us-it comes from the Exodus actually.

God redeemed the Israelites from the bondage put on them by the Egyptians and in the same way, Jesus redeemed us from bondage put on us as well. Beyond that, Jesus then forgave us of our own sins and poured out his grace on us.

All of which is foretold in the Old Testament so that we would recognize him when he came. So, yes, we NEED the Old Testament. We need to teach it, we need to read it, we need to live it. Remember, even Christ and his disciples quoted the Old Testament.

Alright, if I keep going, I won’t stop…check out the podcast below:

Check out the podcast: Are We Under Grace or the Law?


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