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I just launched Biblical Studies with Sarah Ann. These are college-level, academic courses at a fraction of the cost, designed for everyone of all ages!

I have a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, a Masters in Theology and Apologetics and am an adjunct college professor. I noticed there is a need for academic Bible courses for everyone.

I think all Christians should have access to courses that will broaden their knowledge of the Bible and deepen their relationship with the Lord.


You can sign up right now to have FREE access to the very first session just scroll down on the main course homepage to the bottom and sign up for the 7-day FREE trial.

Now through Sunday, February 7, 2021, you can sign up for the entire 15-week course for $149. Starting February 8, 2021 until the beginning of class on February 15, 2021, the price will be $187.

Payment plans are available!


This Course is for You If…

  • You want a deeper understanding of the Bible
  • You want to understand the Scripture in its context
  • You want to understand the Bible stories and apply them to your life
  • You want to know how the Bible came to be and why it was written
  • You have SERIOUS questions and you want some answers

It’s ok to have questions, so let’s get together and find some answers!


Learn More About the Course

I have taught this class at a university level and I believe it should be taught to all believers. I think it is vital that we understand the Word of God that we put our trust in and stand by especially during these times in our culture.

If you sign up for the course, you will receive 15 modules over 15 weeks (one module every Monday).

Don’t freak out. You have lifetime access and can go back and watch them at any time. Plus, the videos will be no more than 20 minutes so you can watch them in short chunks too.

These modules will contain video classes, optional homework assignments, a link to a private Facebook group, audio files and so much more! We are going to journey through the Bible together!

Reserve Your Spot

Join this course, you will also receive 20% off my New Testament Course which will follow this one.

Find out more about the Old Testament Survey & Basic Theology course click here to sign up and get access to the first session at no cost! Simply visit the Biblical Studies homepage and scroll down for the first session.

Skip all of that and sign up for the FULL course directly by clicking sign up here. 

Hurry, class starts Monday, February 15, 2021!


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