When Questions Turn to Doubts

When Questions Turn to Doubts

When I was fifteen years old, I started asking questions. I wanted to know why we believed what we believed as Christians and I suddenly found out most people had no idea.

I asked youth leaders and Sunday School teachers and it seemed no one had any answers, in fact, I got a lot of  “we don’t need to talk about that” and “those things aren’t for us to worry about.”

Such an odd thing to say to a kid who is asking about our faith in God, right?

I think for most people answers like that would have been a total turn off to the faith, I mean who wants to believe in something no one seems to know anything about? And, if we can’t answer simple questions then what will we do when life gets hard and the questions get harder?

Well, I didn’t like it. But, instead of walking away, I dug in, and to be honest, I’ve never stopped digging.

Do I Question the Bible?


Do I Question my Faith?


Do I Give Up and Walk Away?


I dig in.

Every single person has questions, even the “holiest” of Christians has questioned his/her faith every once in a while, I promise. What matters is how we handle those questions and the truth is, if you don’t handle them correctly, those normal questions will soon become doubts and doubts can certainly lead to a loss of faith.

I taught a class recently where a student had some questions about how the Bible was put together (or “canonized” as we like to call it) and who wrote it. This student had determined that since no one could accurately answer the questions he had then the Bible must not be accurate. So, we started to discuss this openly. We talked about the Biblical writers and inspiration and how the books were chosen.

These things matter. And, they matter especially to us as adults as we begin to think for ourselves and start asking questions about the things we were taught as children.

There Are Answers

The thing is, there are more answers out there than you might think.

So, if you have questions, go to the source. The Bible will answer many of your questions, if not, there are plenty of Biblical scholars who can help answer the questions too.

Faith questions aren’t made for facebook or asking of random friends who may have never studied the topic, these questions require the knowledge of those who have dug in for a long time and have a strong foundation of faith.

I just want to encourage you to dig in. Deep. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions, it’s ok! God is big enough to handle even your hardest of questions! Just be sure to look in the right direction when looking for answers.

Old Testament Survey & Biblical Studies

That’s why I created my new online course, Old Testament Survey & Basic Theology. If you have questions and have always wanted to dive deep but didn’t know how to do it or where-this is your course.

We dive deep and answer questions and even ask questions too! This course is all about the history of the Old Testament, who wrote it, and when and how it applies to our lives today. If you’re interested, I want to encourage you to try it out FREE for 7 days or just jump right in with us.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

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