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Old Testament Survey & Basic Theology

Well, it’s finally here! I just launched my online Old Testament & Basic Theology course and I did it with you in mind! After teaching this course to adults in a university setting, I came to realize many adults want to take theology/Bible courses but just don’t have the time and really don’t want to shell out the dollars for a college when they don’t need a degree.

So, I thought I would teach these courses for you! We’re starting with Old Testament, every single Monday new classes will be released. You can watch them on your own time, you can re-watch them too! Plus, you’ll have downloads and optional homework. Oh, and the best part, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group with other students!

Biblical Studies

Early Bird Pricing

If you took this class with me in the university setting, it would cost thousands. But, if you don’t need college credit and would like to dive deeper into the history of the Old Testament and the context of which it was written, then this affordable class is for you!

Sign up for Old Testament Survey & Basic Theology for only $149!

And, yes, we have a payment plan available too! Also, you can sign up for a FREE 7-day trial just to see if you like it!

Class starts February 15, 2021, so be sure to sign up today! I cannot wait to see you in class!

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