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Hi, My Name is Sarah

They say to introduce yourself every once in awhile on your pages. I figure it’s been a few years since I’ve done that so here it goes…

10 Random Facts About Me

1. My name is Sarah, Sarah Ann to be more specific. I dropped the last name because I’m cool like that. Not really. But I did drop it from my business pages.

2. I start, build and grow businesses and help out companies that are struggling and am a General Manager of one right now. I’m what they call a “serial entrepreneur.” I call it business ADD.

3. I’m also a theology professor and I run, a podcast and own a clothing company Ascent 516.

3. Since that’s not enough, I’ll throw in that I’m married and have five boys ages 8-17. Two will start driving this year and I’ve already upped my therapy. Pray for us.

4. I have a dog named TobyMac, after you know who because we are nerds.

5. I love to travel but I’m a germaphobe so I buy new sheets and blankets for the hotels, Airbnb’s or whatever because gross. And now a pandemic? Super gross.

6. I turned 40 and bought a Jeep. I had to. It’s a requirement now. It has its own IG account actually. @twopiratejeeps

7. I have some big ideas and plans this year for this website but I hate to plan because you know 2020 and all…not sure if 2021 will like my plans or not but we will find out soon enough.

8. Yes, I was Money Saving Queen for about 10 years on News on 6 and about 17 other news stations. I don’t plan on going back to that. I got tired. But it was good and I still recognize all my coupon peeps.

9. I am still on tv daily on GEB America actually. Google it if you’d like.

10. I was born outside Detroit, reside in Oklahoma but my heart lives on a beach in Florida. #goals

And now you have some random facts. How about you?

Sarah Ann Speaks

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