Church, It’s Time to Wake Up

Wake Up, Church. This is our Time.

Just in case you were confused, Church, this is our time.

This is our time to help the hurting. This is our time to fight for the oppressed. This is our time to stand up for what is right-not WHO we think is right but for WHAT is right.

This is not a political statement.

This isn’t about taxes and policies anymore, let’s just lay that down. What is happening right now in this country is different, it is modern day idolatry whether you’d like to call it that or not. History makes the case for that.

Read the Old Testament, replace the golden calf with a Trump flag and you’ll see quite a few similarities.

That doesn’t mean all Trump voters are that way anymore than it means that those who voted against Trump are pro-choice and/or anti-Christian.

But, we are certainly seeing something special arise from within this camp that looks much more like a religious cult than simply zealous voters.

I have zero desire to add to the noise, I’m just asking you to think on this one.

This is changing the way the church looks both inside and outside-both to those who follow Christ and to those who are looking at us for hope and we are giving them nothing but crazy radical political statements that do not look anything like Jesus Christ.

But for those churches that are not enticing political craziness, we are offering silence.


At a time when we could offer hope and assurance that Jesus Christ does not look like this. When we could stand up for the real Jesus Christ-not a president-not a political party-but the real Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ of Nazareth not America.

Listen, Jesus Christ is not American nor is He white.

Read that again.

Jesus transcends all of these things. He does not sit on the throne at the White House. He does not reside within our policies. He is not waiving an American flag and wearing a MAGA hat.

Our God is bigger than those things.

This is not the “revival” we have been praying for, this is a revolution we do not want. Do not get the two confused.

This is dangerous, church, and we will deal with consequences for years to come.

It’s time to be the hands and feet of Jesus and get off the crazy train.

Wake Up Church
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