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You knew I had a podcast, right? Well, huge thanks to the thousands of you that downloaded episodes throughout last year. I don’t keep up with all the statistics that much, I spent so many years obsessing over them that now I have developed a bad habit of not looking. So, when I did look, I literally fell over.

Of course, the most popular podcast I made was titled, “A Woman Addicted to Pornography” and it detailed my own personal struggle with pornography as a young adult. Just so we are clear, that was not an easy podcast to create but it seems to be the one that has really resonated with people the most and I’m grateful for that.

Season 2 Episode 1 Theology Podcast

But ’tis a new year which means, a new season of the Sarah Ann Speaks Podcast.


And, this year, we are focusing on theological issues. Yes, you heard me.


What the what? Theology simply means the study of God and that’s what we’re about to do.

As it turns out, I hold a Bachelors in Biblical Studies, a Masters in Theology and I’m an adjunct theology professor at a local university so it dawned on me, it was time to let that come over to the blog and podcast.

My goal is to help you on your spiritual journey by helping you ask questions and dig deeper than you might have before or maybe even blow your mind entirely with things you never even considered.

Who knows? But it’s 2021 so I’m trying it and that’s all there is to it.

As I was teaching this last semester, I started to realize there are many people who don’t have a solid foundation for their faith to build upon. What I mean is, if you think through what you may know about the Old Testament for example, you’ll find much of the stories (if you don’t read the OT regularly on your own) are filtered through cartoons and child-like stories you read years ago or were told.

However, the problem is, the Old Testament is full of violent, intense, history-altering stories that really don’t translate well to child stories even though we do push them as such. What I’m saying is, if your experience with the Old Testament is only through child stories, then it’s time to revisit it and hopefully, that is what this podcast will help you do.

I want to tackle Biblical Studies and theological questions just to help point you in the right direction. So, check out the intro podcast below and if you have questions you’d like to hear on an upcoming podcast, please e-mail [email protected] or post in the comments!

Why Study Theology? The Intro Episode

Episode 1 Five Views of Creation

Sarah Ann Speaks Podcast

Let’s go.

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