New Podcast: A Doormat for Jesus

Have you ever felt like a doormat for Jesus? Have you ever put yourself out there and have just been run into the ground? Do you feel like being a doormat is what we have been called to do?


Doormat for Jesus

Well, let me say this, being a doormat for Jesus is not a witness, it’s a weakness.

And, if you answered “yes” to any of those questions then this podcast is for YOU.

As Christians, we have a tendency to lay it all out there. We give and we give and we do so all in the name of being a good witness for Christ. But, sometimes, that giving can be taken advantage of and in the end, we end up with nothing but burn out.

In this podcast, we discuss how to recognize when we are giving too much that is, when we begin to give too much psychologically and emotionally to the point it begins to impact our own mental health. Have you ever given so much you just feel like you have nothing else to give? I know I have.

This past year, I’ve learned the hard way that discernment is the Holy Spirit speaking and leading us and when we are giving or helping one another, we HAVE to have discernment. We need to know when enough is enough, we also need to know when we need to let someone else step in and help or when we need to simply pray for someone from a distance.

Did you know that’s ok too? We can pray for someone from a distance and sometimes, we have to.

Being a Doormat

The Podcast

This episode is worth the listen and in fact, I have only recently began to discover this tendency of mental martyrdom in myself. Let us know what you think are healthy boundaries and how you listen and follow discernment. Let’s start this important conversation.

To listen to the podcast, visit the Sarah Ann Speaks podcast page, the Sarah Ann Speaks podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher.


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