New Podcast: Sitting Down with Joanna Beck

This past week I was able to interview Joanna Beck, author of Where God Met Me: Redeemed from a Path of Failure. The reason why  I  was so excited to meet with Joanna is because I have followed her on social media for quite some time and her raw, edgy and so REAL way of speaking to her audience is something I absolutely love. Authenticity and transparency is something lacking from social media right now but Joanna has both. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is and she’s not afraid to share the hard times in her life in order to help someone else.

I believe in going in the valley with people. It’s messy, dramatic and crazy but I don’t think we’re always supposed to pray from a distance or throw out “I’ll pray for you” posts when someone is going through a horrible season in life, I believe in coming alongside that person-I believe in being the hands and feet of Christ and sometimes that requires us to get our hands dirty. Joanna is so similar, you can read it in her posts, you can read her story and feel the pain she’s been through but more than that, you can feel her love for those who are struggling.

Listen in on our conversation of the struggles of life, Joanna’s story of redemption and listen for hope-the hope of Christ.

You can check out the podcast on iTunes, or visit Be sure to visit Joanna at her website, also check out her book, Where God Met Me-I know you’ll love it!

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