Don't Let Other People Decide Who You Are

Don’t Let Other People Decide Who You Are

Have you ever let someone’s opinion hit your heart? Has someone called you a name you just couldn’t shake?

Yeah, well, I have.

I was called a name many years ago that stuck to me so hard it paralyzed me from moving forward in my purpose. Every single time I took a step, I remembered that name. I convinced myself other people thought the same way and surely, they would call me that name too if they were given the chance.

It was a lie but I believed it and the worst part, I didn’t even know I believed it. To be honest, it took some therapy before I figured out I had hidden that name deep in my heart.

If we’re not guarded like the Bible instructs, we can let things through that have no business getting through.  We can let names and opinions into our heart when they could have been simply shaken off and left behind. Those names and opinions can strip you of your purpose if you let them.

Recently,  I asked an older gentleman his opinion on something and he replied by saying, “I got told a long time ago no one cares about my opinion so I’m just not gonna give it.” I was stunned. There I stood literally asking for his opinion on a matter and he reverted to something someone told him years ago. He’s spent years saying nothing because some where along the way someone told him his opinion didn’t matter.

But, his opinion did matter, it mattered to me. In the same way, you matter to the King. John 1:12 tells us, “to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…” (ESV). Children of God and nothing less.

Don't Let Other People Decide Who You Are

You have to decide who can speak into your life and who cannot. If someone is offering you some kind of constructive criticism that is one thing but name calling or labeling you because of your past or trying to trap you in to whatever it is that they think you should be-yeah, that can’t happen.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, that’s not where you’re going! You are moving forward, you are leaving the past in the past and whatever name someone called you, whatever label you were given, those things no longer matter-the only label you carry now is the name of Jesus and there is no other name greater than that! You are quite literally a child of God and no name here on earth has the power to make you any less.

Embrace who Christ has called you to be, walk freely in your purpose and do not let anyone hold you back. There’s no time for that, life is just too short.

Take some time today and listen to this message on my podcast, I got a bit enthusiastic about it…click here to listen.

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