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It’s Time to Change Seasons

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Everyone has felt stuck at one point or another, most of the time, we recognize it then do what we need to do to get “unstuck” and move forward. And, that works. But, then, something major happens. Something that alters our life, our existence, who we are as a person and now, we find ourselves absolutely frozen.

“Don’t let your mind keep you stuck in what was meant to be a season.” -Alex Himaya

Go back up there and read that quote again and let it sink in…if you go back and read Exodus 3, you’ll find God was equipping Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. God promised to bring the Israelites out and lead them to the land of “milk and honey”-he was leading them from bondage to prosperity. It looked something like this…

Bondage ————–> Prosperity

Do you see that middle part there? All of those dashes, do you see them? Well, that middle part represents 40 years of wilderness for the Israelites. That means, breaking out of bondage and walking into prosperity was not only difficult, it was also slow.

But, why did it take 40 years? In reality, it was only an 11 day journey, it should have been quick, not that big of a deal for a people who had lived in bondage for so long. After all, they could literally see their freedom.

They kept themselves in the wilderness that long, they complained, they griped, they never looked past their current circumstances and they kept walking around the same mountain for 40 years.

Do you know you can keep yourself from all that God has for you just by staying stuck in your circumstances? Just by staying stuck in what was meant to be only a season, you could miss literally all that God has in store for your life.

Spending your time obsessed with an ex-spouse, always thinking about how you’re a victim, spending your time complaining about how bad you feel and all of the 1001 things that are wrong with you and/or your life-that is how you stay stuck for 40 years.

We do it all to ourselves, God can take what happened to you and make it a miraculous testimony, he can make it great. But, if we hold on to it and complain, obsess and gossip then we get ourselves stuck and we don’t allow God to use our situation. Worse yet, we prolong the pain inevitably. We take something that we could have healed from and moved forward from and we hold tight, stretching out our pain season after season.

My friends, God wants to do the same for you as he did for the Israelites. We are to go from bondage to prosperity, from pain to the life Christ called us to live. But, we have to get through the middle.

If we stay stuck in our season, we will be like the Israelites and never reach the Promised Land. But, if we move…if we let go and give it to God, if we stop obsessing, if we stop dwelling and if we reach out for the hand of God, we will not only see freedom, we will experience freedom.

Stop with the stuck. Let it all go, give it to God and change seasons,  it’s time.

Listen to more on this topic, by checking out the podcast here.

Alex Himaya

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