Obsessing Over Someone Else’s Social Media Account

Sometimes, there are things that chain themselves to us like depression, anxiety, stress, etc. Then, there are things we chain ourselves to like obsessing over someone else’s social media account.

Both chains have already been broken through Christ, of course, but that doesn’t mean we don’t bend down and pick them up every once in a while. On today’s Podcast, we talk about the type of chain we can find ourselves hooked to when we obsess over others on social media.

What does obsessing over someone else on social media really look like?

It could like like an ex-spouse you just can’t get over, it could look like wanting to constantly one-up the new wife, it could look like constantly checking the facebook page of the girl at work that got the promotion you wanted, it could look like watching every post of a former friend then posting “quotes” to say back at that person. It could look like a lot of things but mostly, it looks like a lot like self-destruction.

Personally, I think a lot of people fall into this habit when a relationship falls apart, either a marriage or a friendship. You make a choice to see if he/she is posting about you then, that choice becomes a habit and that habit becomes a chain.

There a 1001 problems with this first of all, it’s not healthy. Watching what someone is posting about you (or even not about you) only feeds the seed of bitterness being planted in your heart. And, guess what? Seeds of bitterness do not grow happiness. I know all about this one…

Secondly, you are letting someone speak into your life that literally has no business doing so. If the relationship has fallen apart, then it’s done, over-move on. Also, by letting someone speak into your life, you are giving them control. You are letting them control your mind, your emotions and the effectiveness of the call on your life.

Remember, every single one of us has a calling from God and when we step out into that call the enemy gets angry and starts firing shots, one after another. He’s trying to dampen the effectiveness of your call. Those shots can come to you in the form of a post on social media. And, guess what? You’re dressed in armor but the second you start paying attention to the enemy rather than God, you start weakening your armor.

Listen to me, if you have a call on your life from God (and every believer does), you WILL have enemies. It’s that simple. Not everyone liked Jesus and not everyone will like you. Come to grips with that and move on.

But, also realize, Jesus didn’t pay attention to his enemies. He didn’t walk around wondering what they were saying about him, wondering who they were walking around with or who they were talking to or what new friends they have. Jesus was busy with HIS OWN CALLING.

So, get busy with yours.

Here’s the thing, obsessing over someone else’s life will cost you YOUR purpose. It’s not worth it.

Don’t let some post about you or some person who doesn’t like you put a chain around your neck and keep you in bondage. Christ broke that already, that’s not only fake news-it’s old news. Today is the day to STOP stalking him/her on social media and break free.

I speak in great deal about this topic in today’s podcast, please click here.

Obsessing Over Someone Else's Life

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