Vulnerability is what happens when you share your story, your pain, your broken heart. It means you are vulnerable and you open yourself up to the possibility of being attacked.

It means that target on your back that appeared when you asked Christ into your heart, becomes a spotlight to the enemy.

It means in a crowded room, you stand up and say, “here am I, Lord, send me! “ and, while you know God heard you, you suddenly realize the enemy did too.

But being vulnerable also means being brave and being brave means you do not care what the enemy just heard. Being brave means you will take the risk of being hurt. Being brave means you will share your story if it means just one person will have the chance at healing.

Being brave means you will take on whatever you have to take on in order to stand strong and stand firm and share your testimony of what God has brought you through. Being brave means you’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill the calling your life.

Being brave means you might cry at night, but joy comes in the morning.

The last 24 hours have been hard, I decided to step out into vulnerability. I decided the community I believe God has called me to build is one of honesty, openness and extreme vulnerability and authenticity. I believe that is the only way we receive healing, if we are honest with one another and honest with ourselves. And, that starts with me.

But with vulnerability comes pain and pain comes with some sorrow, but it’s the morning now, and Joy is here. ❤️

PS. Thank you for sharing your stories with me yesterday, my life is forever changed.

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