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Your story is something no one can take from you, it is your truth, your life and it is yours to share for the purpose of helping others avoid the same pitfalls that might have ensnared you. But, sometimes retelling your story (even if it is only to yourself) only opens old wounds. And, those wounds can’t heal when you keep picking at them. Further, if you tell yourself the story long enough, it becomes your identity.

Joyce Meyer says, “If the horse has been dead 10 years, it’s time to dismount.” There is so much wisdom in that. If you’re carrying around past hurts, past offenses or even someone else’s hurt and offense, it might be time to lay that down. Those burdens are too heavy to bear and you were not meant to carry them.

Hear me out on this one, I’m not suggesting you cover up your scars, I think battle scars are proof of victory and we are to embrace that. But, if you’re dwelling on your pain every single day, you don’t have a scar, you have an open wound and, you have bypassed victory and have become a victim. What I am suggesting today is, it’s time to consider writing a new story.

It’s time to close the chapter on that pain you’re carrying, it’s time to shut the whole book on that painful relationship that still haunts you, it’s time to lay down the hurt, the shame, the wounds at the feet of Christ and write a new story altogether.

Do you know the smell of a new book? That smell of binding that has never been open nor bent, the smell of clean, new paper that is fresh and ready to be read? It’s time to be more like that.

Start thinking about your new book.

Think about the cover of your book, the title, the story you’re about to write, the story of victory that will take you through the rest of your entire life. Think about the new smells, the new experiences, the new dreams, the new relationships and start writing. Write a story driven by the dreams God puts in your heart, write a story with purpose and vision.

Do not be ashamed of your past hurt or mistakes but rather give that to God and let him use it for good, let him use that story to light the way to your next victory.

It’s time to write a new story.

It’s time to embrace your life and not let another moment slip by unnoticed. It’s time to find the beauty in the ashes and the message in the mess.

I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds great, Sarah, but how in the world do I do that?” I’m glad you asked. I’m going to show you how to lay down the hurt, get a clear vision and see that vision come to pass. It’s time.

Listen to the podcast below and learn the steps you can take right now to change your entire life and write a new story. Seriously, no gimmicks-there’s nothing for sale here. Listen to the podcast below or click here

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