Not Everything Needs an Explanation

The other day I was at an event and a woman recognized me. I’m going to be painfully honest here…I get that all the time (in Tulsa), people recognize me from somewhere and can I tell you something? I rarely ever tell them where. 

I know where, I know it’s from my old job, I know where they’ve seen me and I know why they’re asking but admitting to the “where” ultimately leads to the “why.” 

“Why don’t you do MSQ anymore?” and “What do you do now?”

And, you know what? I don’t want to answer either of those questions. 

It’s ridiculous. I know that. I realize that. And, I’ve had enough therapy to understand that. But, I find myself telling people I don’t know where they’ve seen me before and I walk away. 

And, admitting that to you right now is enough to lead me to tears. 

Why do I still struggle, all these years later with a business I no longer own? 

It was a business, businesses go up and down and sometimes you sign contracts with shady people, sometimes people take credit for things they didn’t do and sometimes people take you clear out-that’s business, right? Yes, it is and I’ve owned several businesses but MSQ well, MSQ wasn’t a business to me.

It was a passion, it was a lifestyle and it was a ministry in my heart. 

And for that reason, I can’t give everyone an explanation as to what happened and why. I just can’t because I don’t fully have one even now, all these years later. I just don’t know. So, sometimes I have to walk away because I just don’t know what to say and saying anything at all just hurts. 

I’m admitting that to you right now because some of you have similar things-it might not be business but it might be a relationship, it might be a job, it might be a marriage, it might be a situation and you know what? Not everything needs an explanation and further, even if you do have an explaination-not everyone needs to know it. 

Picture via Mike Foster

And, that’s ok. 

It’s ok to not say anything sometimes. I’m working on my responses, I’ve been working on them for years but sometimes, I just need to keep walking so I don’t spend the rest of my day reliving all the bad instead, I remember the good. 

Keep your focus on the good, do your best to keep moving forward. I talk about being an overcomer and a warrior often but no one becomes a warrior without a battle and battles are not easy. So, it’s ok every once in a awhile to take a deep breath and just keep moving. 

This is hard to admit so I hope it helps someone. ❤️


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