Be Brave Enough to Dream Again

Be Brave Enough to Dream Again

It’s Time to Write a New Story

This is a picture of my garage. Impressive, right? A few years back when we closed our offices, my dad hung the MSQ sign right there in my garage. (The star and peace sign normally go on an outside wall but we’ve moved them in for winter and the God’s Not Dead sign was a school project by one of my kids). 

I have learned 1.1 million lessons from the school of hard knocks that was Money Saving Queen but only recently have I begun to appreciate the broader impact that came from MSQ and what God has taught me through it. 

I built a custom couponing method for Tulsa back in 2006, I did that because we could not afford to buy groceries and I needed to figure out how to eat. I prayed Joel 2:26 over my empty cabinets every single day (“You will have plenty to eat until you are full”). 

I was hoping for a miracle check but one never showed up instead, I learned how to coupon strategically long before coupon blogs and TLC shows. Because I did not receive a “miracle check” but instead learned a method that would feed my family for years, I was able to teach thousands of other families to do the same.

Why am I talking about MSQ? Well, first of all, I saw the sign this morning and it triggered something inside of me. But, more importantly, I wanted to share with you that we worship a God who likes to teach people how to fish. He wants to do more than just give you an instant miracle, he wants to teach you something that you can then take and use to teach others too. 

That doesn’t mean that God won’t give you an instant miracle, he will and I’m not trying to limit God. But, I think it is safe to say the majority of the time, it’s going to be a process. 

I have been teaching you how to visualize your dreams, speak life over them and expect them to come to pass. But what I want to say to you today is, don’t limit God on how he chooses to allow those dreams to come to pass.

He might be trying to teach you something or he might be wanting to use you to teach others. There is value in the process, in fact, it might be more valuable than an instant miracle. It won’t be easy and it hurts but, be brave enough to walk it out. 

I walked out all that was MSQ all the way to the very end. I have peace with that, it taught me so many things I could never have learned otherwise. But, more importantly, it helped people. And, that is what God wanted it to be used for, he wanted to help others and when it reached its max, it was done. 

Now, I can dream again, God can fill my heart with new visions and new things that he wants to see come to pass why? Because He wants to reach more people. That’s what we’re here for, folks, we’re here to reach more people and it’s time for new dreams to come to pass. 

So, now I can look at that sign and instead of seeing former things, I can be reminded of a God who is big enough to allow me to dream another dream. But, you know what else? You can dream again too. 

You’re not too tired, too old, too used up or too far gone. As long as you have breath, God can use you. Today is your day, start dreaming again then, take it one step further, expect God to bring those dreams to pass. 

You’re here for a purpose, my friends, don’t waste another minute dwelling on the past. Start dreaming again, start moving again, start hoping again, start loving again. It’s time.

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