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Using Social Media to Create a Vision Board

Using Social Media to Create a Vision Board

If you haven’t done so already, please check out my previous post about how to create a vision board. I believe this step is vital in bringing your dreams into reality. In other words, it’s important, don’t skip it.

I did, however, want to give you another option that depending on how much you’re online everyday might work well for you. That option is creating a vision board online using social media.

The point of creating a vision board is to see it every single day to help as a reminder to pray, claim and thank God for your vision coming to pass. So, if you want to create a social media vision board but will not be looking at it every single day then this might not be the best option.

However, if you do plan on looking at it and using it then, by all means, build away! Personally, I think there are two great platforms for this type of thing the first is Instagram (be sure to follow me @SarahAnnSpeaks) and the second is Pinterest (follow me there too at Sarah Ann Speaks).

If it were me, I’d create a private Instagram account so others could not view it. That is simply because I would not want you to invite unnecessary criticism or doubt over your life about the vision you have been given. But, it’s up to you, plenty of people do publish them as a way of reminding themselves and encouraging others. All you have to do is visit to set up an account and then you can click to decide if you want it public or private.

An example of what one might look like is below, this is a #topnine post I recently did on Instagram which put together our favorite travel posts. This is very similar to what my “real” vision board looks like as we love to travel.

Instagram Vision Board

Once you set up your account, you can post pictures that you want to see come to pass and post their coordinating Scriptures underneath or your prayer, affirmation or whatever you are saying over your vision. It’s an easy way to make a very quick vision board and it’s also very pretty as well which is a plus too. The biggest thing, however, is to make sure you’re looking at it enough and praying over it daily.

The second social media platform that I just happen to think works well for this is Pinterest. I actually have a second board hidden on my own Pinterest account and I would recommend you keep yours secret as well for the same reasons I mentioned above.

For Pinterest, it’s pretty easy to sign up and get your own account then simply start creating a board and be sure to click the tab that says “secret.” Then, you can pin pictures that correlate to your vision as well as Scriptures, affirmations and other quotes that will help you change your mindset as you look at your vision going forward.

Remember, that’s what we are doing here, changing our mindset. We are getting a visual for what God has in store for us, we are speaking life over that vision and we are preparing for it to come to pass.

Each step in this process is important. If you have not looked at all the steps, please see them in the posts below:

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Are you ready for this? It’s time for a “take two” on your life. Let’s shut the book on the pain and the hurt and begin to write a new story.

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