It’s Time to Speak Life to Your Vision

It’s Time to Write a New Story

The first step to writing your new story is creating a vision board. That is a BIG deal, don’t skip it, don’t think about skipping it, go back to the first post and read how to create a vision board before moving on to this step.

Once you have created your vision board, we are going to pray, claim and believe for our vision out loud using the Word of God.

Yep it works. And, as it turns out, it is not just for Charismatics and Pentecostals.

(That’s a little Christian humor there, save the e-mails).

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Pro. 18:21, ESV).

You have the power every single day to speak life or death over your circumstances. If you wake up complaining, you’re speaking death, if you talk about how bad your life is, your job, your marriage, etc. you’re speaking death.

SO…what would happen if you decided to speak life? What if that negative force became a positive and every single day you looked at your vision board, you thanked God for the things on the board and proclaimed those things over your life? Do you think it might change a few things? I think so.

For example, let’s take my board. I have healing on my board for my back and leg, every single morning, I get up and say, “Thank you for your healing power, thank you my leg and back move as you have designed them to move and thank you that by your stripes I am healed!”

I could get up and talk about how painful it all is, how difficult it is to walk or how annoying it is to deal with this injury but instead, I choose to speak life over my circumstances. Is it normal? I doubt it. Does it work? YES.

Listen, don’t skip this because it’s uncomfortable or awkward. God wasn’t meant to be put in a box! Speak His Word out loud whether it feels weird or not. Thank God for what you do not see knowing God has already sent it your way.

Our God created the entire universe with is Word, he does not do anything without speaking it first. And, we were created in His image and given His Word as well. So, it only makes sense we could use that same Word as a creative force and speak life over our circumstances.

“So shall my Word be that goes out of my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it” (Is. 55:11, ESV).

I’m serious. This works. When I was Money Saving Queen (my previous business), I spoke a lot about how I would say to my empty cabinets, “I will have plenty to eat until I am full” (Joel 2:26)! I said that all day long and God led me to start a business couponing that fed my family for years. Our God likes to teach people how to fish so we can turn and teach other people the same thing.

If you want your vision to come to pass, speak the Word of God over it every single day, thank God for the vision and for it coming to pass and build up your faith daily.

“Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ” (Rms. 10:17, ESV).

Don’t miss the opportunity to see what God has put in your heart come to pass. All you have to do is believe it and that comes from speaking the Word of God over your board every single day. Use your faith, let it free and let it live out loud. Every time you pass by that board, speak faith again and again and again! Do it every single day and you know what? Next year at this time you will be amazed at what God has done in your life!

If you would like to learn more about the spiritual law of speaking things into existence, PLEASE check out this book: God’s Creative Power it’s $1.99 and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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P.S. These videos are not super produced or edited simply because I wanted them to be 100% authentic and real. I wanted you to be able to hear me out on this and follow along with me. Hope you enjoy them!

It's Time to Write a New Story

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