I Am A Warrior

I am a Woman and I am a Warrior

I Am A Warrior

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For years womanhood and weakness have gone hand in hand. Innocent smiles, quiet demeanor, never having a strong opinion, all of these things flow together with this image of this so-called “perfect woman” that seemed to be always taking care of everyone else yet completely unable to take care of herself.

I was shocked when I went through my divorce, I could not believe the strength I had when I had no choice but to stand on my own two feet. I can remember standing in my empty house thinking, “Wow, I just made a house payment by myself!”

Month after month I made house payments, utility payments, bought groceries, went to the doctor, bought a car, continually surprising myself with a new found strength.

I could feel a change,  this strength from deep inside. I never did fit into the box with all the other Christian women growing up, I always felt like I was trapped on the outside simply looking in. My thoughts and opinions sometimes overpowered even myself and always kept me somewhat set aside from the rest of the group.

“There is something wonderfully sacred that happens when a girl chooses to realize that being set aside is actually God’s call for her to be set apart.” Lysa Terkeurst Univited 

Did you read that? I felt set aside but really, that was simply because I had been set apart.

This strength rising up inside of me, this inner warrior is the Holy Spirit. It is the all powerful, undeniable Spirit of God raging like a fire deep inside of my soul. I have come to realize through the trials of this life, my personality was created purposefully by the Creator.

I was made on purpose. You were made on purpose. We have a purpose.

I don’t know why I had such a weak image of women in my mind nor do I know why I continued to try to be one but, those days are long gone. I know where the strength inside of me is from and I know I cannot be quiet. I wasn’t made to be quiet.

I am proud of the strength of God inside of me, I am a fighter, I have trained for this battle my entire life and it is time to join the war.

Church, it is time for us (women) to start taking a stand for what we believe. It is time we draw a line around our families and stand our ground to protect our marriages, our homes, our children. We are trained, we are prepared and now it is time to fight.

The enemy is strong and is attacking us on every single side. Gone are the days of hoping someone else would fight this battle for us, it is our time.

Rise up, women. We were called for this time, let us encourage one another, stand up for what is right, protect our families, support our husbands and raise our children up in the Word of God because I hate to be the one to break it to you but, if you do not raise your kids, social media will, kids at school will, video games will and those things will not raise men and women of God.

It is our time.

I am a woman, I am not weak, I AM A WARRIOR.

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