Get Up! Pick up your mat and walk!

The Big D: Dealing with Perception & Real Life

Get Up! Pick up your mat and walk!

Here’s a glimpse into real life that for whatever reason I thought was needed today…

You’ve probably noticed I take quite a few breaks on this site. I write on my other website daily and work on my new business (The Produce Gathering) almost constantly but, with Peace, Love & Sarah I take a few days, sometimes weeks to post.

Why does that happen? Because I’m still living all of this out.

Like many who have gone through divorce, the struggles of the divorce legally and financially continue to play out for years. I try to write when the emotion has died down a bit and I can think clearly and see things calmly. Quite honestly, if I didn’t do that, this blog would like a Jerry Springer episode and ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’ve had many e-mails from people wanting me to address certain issues pertaining to divorce and some of those things I will address but most of them I will not. Why?

Because many, many things in life are between you and God alone.

For years I have lived a public life of sorts with my other business. When my world came crashing down and I realized I was going to go forward with my divorce, I was faced with many people asking “how do we spin this?” “how do we keep this from making us all look bad?”  I had to come to grips with that being their problem and not mine. I had to lay down whatever people were going to say and think about me and I had to do what I knew was right for myself and my children.

That was not an easy decision at all. I had to sit in meetings and give very personal details to those who had invested in my business and those who worked with me, some of those meetings were humiliating and some just hurt more than words can explain. When people invest in you as a public face of a company suddenly every part of your life becomes their business no matter how deep the secrets or how much it hurts.

I quickly learned that I had to hold my head high and continue my job as though nothing had ever happened. Only a week or two after I filed for my divorce, I taught a workshop to over 100 people. Inside of me was a raging storm of emotion that I could barely contain, as I taught, I cried. Everything inside of me just wanted to crawl in a hole but instead of hole, I had a stage and a microphone.

I continued to work and provide for my kids and thankfully, I have the most supportive family on the planet and all of them stepped up to help.

Divorce hurts everyone no matter how justified it might be. It is what it is. Some people explode, some people implode and some people recognize the hurt, the pain and work through it. I meet with one of my favorite pastors in all the world every single week. I’m on a life-long program I think and that’s ok. I am committed to working through the struggles and to come out stronger on the other side.

I believe in John 5:8 philosophy that says, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!” Jesus said that to a man that had been sitting by a pool of water for 38 years waiting to be healed. He spent 38 years of his life sitting there with his problems waiting on someone to come fix them. Instead of trying to move forward, he dwelled on his problem until it became his identity.

I’m not going to sit on my problems for the rest of my life, that’s just not me. I do not feel sorry for myself nor do I want others to feel sorry for me, I have picked up my mat and I’m walking.

I want to encourage you with that today, pick up your mat and walk.

Do not let your divorce, your problem or your hard situation become your identity. Our identity is in Christ alone.

I don’t introduce myself to people as a single mom or a Christian who got a divorce or as anything else, my name is Sarah and I am a child of God. I have come to realize no one put a scarlet letter on me, I put it on myself. I finally made the decision to take it off. There is no reason to carry around your label, it’s time to “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!”

Walk into the life Christ died for you to have, a life without labels, without scarlet letters and a life that does not sit on problems for 38 years. Don’t waste another moment of your life dwelling on your problem or what has happened to you or even what you did to yourself, it is time to move on, move forward and embrace who God has created you to be and what God has called you to do on this earth.

Be an overcomer, be a mat picker upper and start walking.

The Big D: Dealing with Divorce as a Believer

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