Sticks and Stones #peaceloveandsarah

Sticks and Stones and the Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Heard

Sticks and Stones #peaceloveandsarah

I’ve heard a lot of lies in my life, more so in the past year but there is one that I have heard (and you have too) that is likely the biggest lie circulating amongst human beings today. What is it?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

We have all heard it, but I can tell you this, it is a lie.

My bones can be broken and heal.  The words, the words leave wounds you and I cannot see. They leave wounds that can be wide open for days, weeks or even years and many times even if they do heal, they leave scars that never seem to go away. Words hurt.

Over the weekend, I watched this Dave Ramsey video. If you have an extra few minutes check it out. He’s referencing teenagers but in my opinion, teenagers are not the only problem, adults are too. He boldly calls anonymous haters online, cowards. He goes after those people who think it’s funny to post about public figures and slander them online, as they hid behind avatars and fake names.

For whatever reason, people who would normally keep unkind and hateful words to themselves seem to think that they can speak those words in abundance online with no real remorse at all. Parents, professionals, people you would least expect, hit to the internet hiding behind a computer screen and scream hate as if it has suddenly become acceptable.

I mean after all, who cares what is said on the internet, no one really believes that anyway, right?

The other day I was googling something that had nothing really to do with any of this and I came upon an article on someone else’s website. Under the comments of that article someone wrote “Sarah Roe is a hypocritical religious nut.” The article had nothing to do with me, I was not a part of anything but for some random reason some anonymous person decided to write that little comment about me. Granted, it didn’t hurt me, I thought it was ridiculous at best but the point remains.

People comment on my sites all the time, in fact, part of my job is to train other companies how to deal with their own social media pages and websites when people start to criticize them. This is something I am unfortunately well versed in and I think it is sad.

It is sad that these people are parents training their children that it is not ok to be hateful in public but it is ok to be hateful online. It is sad that these adults who would stand up in any PTA meeting and condemn bullying seem to embrace it as long as they can hide in their homes behind a computer screen. It is sad that although these same people show up in our churches every weekend speaking love, raising their hands in praise, go home and hit every social media site they can find to blast people they do not even know and have never even met.

And, some of you are saying, “well, that comes with being in the public.” And, I say, no, it does not. Being a public figure, does not make me less of a human being.

Words hurt. Even though the people who said them move on with their lives as though nothing ever happened, no remorse and no second thoughts, the person on the other side hurts. Even if they are nothing more than lies spoken from the mouths of people who do not even know who I am, they hurt. And, I guess that’s the point, right? Maybe these people just like to inflict pain. Well, mission accomplished.

However, do not think that the pain inflicted will stop the call on my life that God has for me. Do not think that the words spoken will stop me and my determination to help people and spread the love of God.

Keep that in mind if you ever get blasted online, that is the enemy’s lousy attempt to stop whatever amazing thing God has in store for you. Don’t let it stop you. And, if you’re one of the people who sits behind a computer leaving comments on every post or random hate tweets to people you do not even know, I’ll pray for you and your children. The trail you leave online, you leave only for your children to find later and as we all know, children learn by example.

Be real all the time, who you are in real life should be reflected online. If you’re decent in real life, be decent online. Show people the same respect you’d like to be shown and stop the bullying.

Words hurt.






  • Melissa Garcia
    Posted at 19:16h, 28 April Reply

    Amen Sister!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debz
    Posted at 21:27h, 03 September Reply

    I don’t have the time to express how great and wonderfully positive your blog is thank you so much for giving us hope for the future. The bullies don’t want you to have a future. I know that you are aware how powerful words can be and if positive they will produce love and if negative they will produce hate. The only way as I see it is to only acknowledge the positive in everything and do not give the negative any strength just ignore them. Hard I know but it gets easier the more you do. Stay strong – Namaste

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