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A Little Bit of Me Time with Weight Watchers #wwsponsored

I wrote this blog post as part of a movement by Weight Watchers to encourage people to remember that loving yourself starts with taking care of your health everyday. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own.

Last week, Weight Watchers asked me to take a little time for myself each day. This fits in perfectly with our 30 Days to Peace series and I could not wait to start. I’ve been through quite a bit of stress these past few months and with stress, it is so easy to be consumed with the problems and forget to take time out for yourself.

I am so grateful to be able to participate in this project, it has helped my health greatly! This is something I plan to incorporate daily from here on out and I hope you do as well.

Day 1: I grabbed a favorite book and headed outdoors. That’s the benefit of living in Oklahoma, we freeze one day but the next day it’s completely beautiful.

Grab some books & rest!  #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

Day 2: I went for a walk, fresh air does wonders especially if you’re stressed, worried or just having a rough day. Get outside and take a second to breathe especially before you react to anything. It just changes your whole perspective.

The road less traveled #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

Day 3: Since being sick, there are very few foods I can tolerate but pineapple is one of my favorites. Everyday I have several servings of fruit today, I took my favorite book and some fruit and went outside to chill out.

Grab a healthy snack! #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

Day 4: I took a long, hot shower. No pictures to show for this one (yeah, you can thank me for that)….I’m not a huge fan of baths but I love taking long showers especially on a stressful day.

Day 5: I had to escape to my peace space. I love this spot in my bedroom, it’s such a quiet area with a rocking chair and the sun coming in the window. I turn on some music and just sit for a bit. Such a nice break in the day!

Lovely reading spot! #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

Day 6: I started painting again. I love painting furniture and unfortunately, I had to take a 3 month break due to sickness. This is my favorite way to relieve stress and give my house a total makeover on the cheap!

Plaster Paint #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

 Day 7: Today, I journaled a bit. Just taking some time to write down a few thoughts or prayers can totally change your day. For me, this is a major release. I’ve journaled since I was a child and I just love it.

Journal #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

I’m a single mom and it’s not easy, I think taking just a few minutes out of my day for some “me time” has been a big deal. It certainly helps me regain some peace and shred the stress. If you look at the things I’ve done, they really aren’t time consuming. One day, I even took a short nap, can you believe that? A nap! That was a great day!

I’m going to continue doing this Weight Watchers challenge, such a perfect way to relieve stress and feel good. What “me time” activities do you recommend?

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