Such a peaceful place! #peace

Day 19: Find a Place to Rest

Such a peaceful place! #peace

If you want to follow along in my 30 day challenge be sure to check out the 30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life.

If you’re trying to calm down stress in your life, getting enough sleep is a HUGE part of that. I think I’m at that time in my life when I finally have realized that the whole “eat right, exercise and rest” thing is a big deal. But rest isn’t always about sleep, sometimes it just means to get away for a second to breathe.

If you can, try to create a spot in your house that is just for you. Maybe it’s a beanbag on the floor or maybe you remake a closet into a peaceful little room? When I was a kid, I had a huge closet and I put books in there and my beanbag, that was my place. We need that as adults too, just a place to pray and rest.

Above is a picture of a corner of my bedroom. Looks cute there but in reality today, it’s covered with the laundry I still need to fold. Most days though, it is completely empty and looks just like that. I love that area, the sun comes in and warms the chair and I can look out the window and just think for a minute.

I think adults need a time out chair or a spot where you can just slip away for a moment and regain peace. Maybe your kids are fighting and you just need to take a step back to breathe? Maybe you’re just worn out from the day and you just need to rest?

Do something for you, find a spot that’s yours and use it. Put some books by it or even an ipod with praise music, something that speaks peace to you and take a break for a minute. It is ok for you to sit down for a few minutes every once in awhile.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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