Relax, God's Dream is Bigger #peace

Day 9: Relax, God’s Dream is Bigger

Relax, God's Dream is Bigger #peace

If you want to follow along in my 30 day challenge be sure to check out the 30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life.

Again, I’m going to approach this from the perspective of a human being. Many times when you read devotionals or even blogs there is this sense of “Oh, that person must have it all figured out.” I am not someone who has it all figured out nor will I ever. I’m writing this series as online therapy for myself hoping it blesses you along the way.

In keeping with that approach, let me be honest….

When I realized I was going to have to get a divorce, I felt like my dreams for a family were shattered. I became a Christian at age 8, I grew up in the church and went on to earn a degree in Biblical Studies. I did not rebel as a teenager, no drinking, no cussing, no anything really, I was just your average nerd.

Why am I saying all of this? Because, in my mind, there was never a chance that I would be getting a divorce. That happens to other people, not to me.  After 12 years, it was gone.

Several months ago when I realized I was being removed from my very own business that started in my living room, I felt as though my business dreams where broken into a million pieces. It did not matter how hard I had worked, it did not matter how many awards I had on my shelf, nothing mattered. After six years, it was gone.

I lost my marriage and my company all within a 12 month period.

I don’t know how much I have cried, I can tell you I have cried to the point that I have no tears left. I have been angry, I have been hurt, I have been all those things that come along with pain.

I sat on the shore and watched as my dreams were washed away.

After that, everything changed.

I felt as though God has looked at me and said, “it’s about time you let your dreams go, my dreams are bigger than anything you could ever dream.”

It’s time for me to have peace about where I am and the unknown ahead of me because, truth be told, God’s dreams are bigger than my own. And, I think he’s been waiting on me to realize that.

My dreams had to be laid down, so God’s dreams could come to life. Does that mean God caused my divorce? No. Does that mean God caused me to lose my job? No.

But I’ll be brutally honest with you and tell you that if those things had never happened to me, there is no way God could use me for something else. Divorce is remarkably humbling and at times, humiliating. The same is true over the loss of a job or business. God did not cause those things but, God is using those things.

I’ve learned more in the last year than I have ever learned in my entire life. It took all of those things and more for me to finally realize I am human being like everyone else.

I think I can live with that. I can have peace with that.

My family doesn’t look like what I thought it would look like, but it is beautiful nonetheless. The same God that used me to create a business that helped people all over this country still lives inside of me and he’s not limited to creating only 1 business. There’s no telling what he’ll create next, but as long as I have peace about where I am at in this current moment, I know I’ll have peace with whatever lies ahead.

If you feel as though your dreams have been shattered, relax, God’s dream is bigger than yours anyway.

30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life

If you want to follow along in my 30 day challenge be sure to check out the 30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life.

  • Greg Hurst
    Posted at 00:04h, 11 February Reply

    Loved the blog. I am becoming a huge fan. Hang in there. You have been very inspirational to me.

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