30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life

30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life

30 Days to Peace: How to Minimize Strife & Enjoy Your Life

Welcome to a new month and a new series, my first series for this new blog. I titled it, “30 Days to Peace” because I am learning to walk daily in peace. It takes an average of 30 days to create a new habit and that is what we’re doing here, creating a habit of peace. I want to create the habit of reacting in peace, walking in peace and keeping a peaceful attitude whether it be with my kids, my family or anyone else.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

We know we have peace based on the verse above, Jesus gave us peace. The trick is walking in that peace every single day even when we are faced with a storm.

So, how do we create a habit of peace in 30 days? Each day will have a new challenge, we’ll do these challenges together and let them build upon one another. At the end of the 30 days, we won’t be perfect, but hopefully, we will have learned how keep the peace of God, minimize strife and enjoy the life Jesus died to give us.

Day 1 Challenge: Speak Peace

Complete honesty coming…I have daily panic attacks, as in two per day or sometimes more depending on the stress. How do I deal with it? Yes, I have sought help for it so I’m working with a great doctor but I’m also making major lifestyle changes as well.

That leads me to today’s challenge, we must speak peace in the midst of strife.

What does that mean?

The second strife or stress hits you, get yourself to a quiet place and say out loud, “The Bible says I have the peace of God. I will not let my circumstances control me, I will respond with peace. I am strong and courageous and I will not be afraid.”

Yes, I’m serious about saying that out loud. Then, speak the verse below too.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Deuteronomy 31:6

This is just like speaking positively, only we are speaking positively using the Word of God. As in, the very Word of God that created and formed the earth from nothing. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Why do you need to say it out loud? Because you need to hear it! Hear yourself say you are not afraid, build up your confidence and know that you have the peace of God in your heart! We have to throw out the hate and the strife and walk in peace. I’m not talking about hippie peace either (all though I’m all for that), I’m talking about a peace deep inside of your spirit. I am tired of chaos and the emotional roller coaster I’ve been riding on, I’m ready to choose a different attitude.

And, today, we are choosing to speak peace….but more on that tomorrow. Remember, the power of life and death is in the tongue, use yours to speak life and peace (Proverbs 18:21).

So, I double dog dare you, speak peace every single time you feel strife rise up in you. And, don’t stop, do it every single day. Remember, these challenges are going to build upon one another to create a new habit, a habit of peace.

Bring your hippie self back tomorrow for Day 2 of 30 Days to Peace.

  • Jennifer Bowman
    Posted at 16:18h, 01 February Reply

    I will bring my hippie self back to read day 2….This is a world of total chaos and we all need to learn to walk in peace in this chaos….I will tune in tomorrow. 🙂

  • Jessica Velasco
    Posted at 16:30h, 01 February Reply

    Of all the greatness I learned from you, one that has blossomed my walk with God is to speak verses out loud. I love to do that. I love to hear myself cry out to God in despair or praise. Thank you for teaching me that. I feel you change all the way over here and I like it. Peace yo!

  • Jessica Velasco
    Posted at 16:31h, 01 February Reply

    *your (geez)

  • Brenda S
    Posted at 22:37h, 01 February Reply

    Good post. I have dealt with panic attacks in the past……they are not fun. I love your advice to speak scripture out loud. You need to hear it but also, satan, the thief of our peace, can also hear and he will flee when you read scripture out loud. He can’t read your mind or know your heart but he knows your weaknesses and exactly where and when to attack. Speaking God’s word connects you to Him and sends satan running.

    In Him

  • Mary
    Posted at 01:42h, 02 February Reply

    Dear Ms. Roe,

    Thank you for this lovely series. I am the point in my life I need these kind of words. I am glad I found your blog again.

    I heard you speak at a church in Jenks a very long time ago. The conference was free to the public, they had nice refreshments, comfortable seats. The sanctuary was filled. I went to ask about getting a Reasor’s coupon book but did not have any funds on me. The church ladies gave me a book.

    I used almost every coupon in that book. The savings brought me peace and made me a loyal fan. You were truly inspiring and spiritual.

    I hope and pray you are able to experience peace now…



    • Sarah Roe
      Posted at 22:36h, 05 February Reply

      @Mary Thank you so much, I’m glad you found this blog!

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  • Ashli
    Posted at 23:06h, 12 February Reply

    This is my day 1. You have no idea how much I needed this today. Thank you!!!

    • Sarah Roe
      Posted at 14:38h, 14 February Reply

      You’re welcome @Ashli!

  • amber thomas
    Posted at 02:12h, 06 March Reply

    Wow, I needed this!! I am going to spend the rest of this evening and all day tomorrow, speaking out loud, and learning to be comfortable with just that (not to cause strife in my life). So my journey through the 30 days, may take longer, but I need. Thank you!!

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