Don't Take It. Via @JonAcuff

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Dream

God has a purpose for your life, a dream just for YOU. Have you been letting other people control your dream?

God put a calling deep in my heart many years ago and I made the mistake of giving other people the control of that dream, believing that other people would have the same vision too.

Let me say this to you, other people will tell you your dream is not enough. Other people will try to add to your dream. Other people will try to sell your dream. Other people will put you down. Other people will lie about you. And, if you give them enough control, other people will steal your dream all together.

God put a dream in my heart years ago to help people and change lives. That’s my dream, that’s my purpose. Other people around me are not responsible for fulfilling that dream and purpose. God will fulfill that dream, God will fulfill the purpose for my life. God will use any means at his disposal for that purpose and those means can change at any given time.

Welcome to change.

When you pursue your dream and God’s purpose for you, just remember, strangers will come and try to offer you something, something that looks good, something that seems good. They will try to entice you to trade in your dream for whoever or whatever they want you to


Don’t take it.

This is YOUR dream.

This is YOUR purpose.

This is YOUR life.

Just because it might be good for someone else does not mean it is good for you.

We have only a short period of time on this earth to change the world and impact the lives of those around us. Don’t waste that time allowing other people to have control of your dream.

PS. You’ll see me use an insane amount of Jon Acuff quotes on this blog. Why? Because I like him. And, the quotes like the one above are painfully true.

Don't Take It. Via @JonAcuff

  • Kristy
    Posted at 17:34h, 08 November Reply

    Very true…good thing God gives us many do-overs!

  • Shana King
    Posted at 23:49h, 11 November Reply

    Another good one. Live your dream. And it’s a beautiful dream.

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