My Past, Your Future via @LovePeaceSarah

My Story, Your Future

Some people hide their stories, afraid to share their mistakes and setbacks. Other people portray their story as a badge of honor almost as if their mistakes become their identity. I think there has to be a healthy balance. I have a story. You have a story. Sometimes the people in our lives need to hear our stories no matter how painful.

Your story could be an encouragement to those around you who might be going through similar things. Or, there could be just one piece of your story that keeps your past from becoming someone else’s future.

Don’t become trapped by your past mistakes, shine God’s light on those. Know that you are forgiven, you don’t have to live under condemnation anymore. And, share your story of God’s grace and mercy with those God puts in your path. We all have a story to tell, let us tell those stories and give glory to God for getting us through the things that life throws our way.


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