Get Back Up

“Every person falls down at some point, successful people choose to get back up.” -Dave Ramsey

This is a great quote from Dave Ramsey and honestly, if it weren’t for my recent situation, I would probably would not feel as strongly about this statement as I do today. Every single person on the planet falls down at one point or another in their life whether it be professionally or personally.

I think it is sad how many people take a momentary failure and make it permanent. These are the people who you see 10 years after an “event” in their lives and they’re still talking about it, never able to just let go.

In my life, something happened, something major and at that moment I had a choice. I could let my moment of tears, anger and lack of understanding drag on for the rest of my existence or I could let that moment come and go and choose to move forward. Did you catch that?

I could choose to move forward.

What does the quote say above? “Every person falls down at one point. Successful people choose to get back up.”

I can choose to make the setback a comeback. I can choose to “fail forward” as my pastor friend would say or I can choose to feel sorry for myself and just give up.

Either way, I have to make a choice. Well, for me personally, I’m choosing to get back up and start again. As you think about your life today, what choice are you making?

  • Jessica Velasco
    Posted at 03:56h, 26 October Reply

    You are my warrior friend! Choose to win.

    • Cindy Hicks
      Posted at 18:41h, 01 February Reply

      I had no idea all this was going on. So sorry no one should have to deal with all is this drama. I have been keeping up with your sister and just that you deleted me or something. Just remember not all people sick and some of us are real and true supporters of yours. I want continue following you

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